MPEX did something nice


Midwest Photo Exchange featured earcatcher on their blog as “hometown heroes.” This is a funny thing since our latest earcatcher concept is “antihero.” You can read the interview here. It is quite well written and we thank them.  Also check out Lexie’s Nowhere Manifesto below as it ties heavily into the theme of Midwestern identity–and applies to any place off the radar.  Embrace the nowhere-ness! Poster sizes available here.


Making art is a comment on time and place, even if it is an unconscious one.
We (Humans of Earth) are shaped by our environments and experiences.

Then what about the artist who lives in the bland pancake of the American Midwest?

Columbus is a city known to be a cross section of the United States if it is known at all.
Every type of person is represented here.
Test Market USA.

We are a marketer’s wet dream.
We live together in relative harmony.
We have no body of water and the tallest point in the county is a landfill.
Not even a lake on which to be a mistake.
Endless flatness in four directions,
all corn and soybeans.

We cancel each other out!
When you mix all the colors of paint together you get mud.
We are in touch with the void.

Shitty is pretty.
Lint & dust in the corners of a sprawling campus dump hole:
more interesting than the top of the empire state building.

What we do here will never be co-opted by the mainstream art world.
The lack of pressure to succeed is freeing.

An incubator for weirdness.
Embrace the nowhere-ness!


dedicated to d.a. levy (RIP)

monthly experimental shorts